Daniel Maniés.

User Experience Designer.

Focused on Digital Products & Services.

Working at DAYONE.

Based in Berlin.

Free UX Feedback for your social project.

UX Feedback
for Social Projects

Creating a website for your social project can be challenging. Already little details – like a misleading button text – can have a huge impact and decide if a visitor supports you or not.

I want you to be as successful as possible with your project. For that I offer to take a deeper look at your website’s user experience (UX). For free.

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I’m Daniel Maniés, a passionate User Experience Designer with focus on digital products and services.

I live in the beautiful city of Berlin and work at DAYONE. There I have the privilege to work on great projects for companies like Volkswagen, Telekom or Deutsche Bahn.

My fascination for both design and computer technology started early on. At a technical high school I had my first coding lessons and besides I taught myself how to use graphic tools. To combine both worlds, I started studying Computer Science in Media in the snowy Black Forest.

It took me several semesters to realize that I won’t be one of these coding guys. The lack of passion bothered me and when I had a long interesting conversation with an Interaction Designer I had this aha moment: I’m one of these UX guys! This was the first time I knew what I really want to do.

So I worked as a student employee to learn more about information architecture and interaction design and wrote my bachelor thesis about the one-handed use of phablets. In the end I graduated with a plan in mind: I wanted to work on digital products and services with focus on the user – a human like you and me.